So, You Have Pests?

Bug Free Services has been hard at work since 1998. Ever since our inception as a company, our only focus is to provide value to every single customer we deal with.

That focus is ever-present, whether you have a simple ant problem or a total bed bug infestation. As individuals, we are happy to be given an opportunity to help our neighbors and fellow Floridians.

Complementary Pest Inspection for New Customers

Bed Bug Detection Canine, Allie.

Bug Free Services offers an initial complementary visit to assess the pest problem in your home or business. This no-obligation visit allows our expert pest control technicians to suggest effective remedies for any pest problems.

WATCH: Bed Bug Heat Treatment Review by Whitney.

We live by a proactive approach, which has allowed us to help thousands of homeowners, businesses, and organizations all over Florida.

The focus of this complementary visit is to create a tailored solution to eradicate any pest you are currently dealing with. We offer a complimentary, no-obligation visit to inspect your property.

A complementary evaluate the pest activity and outline a tailored approach to effectively remedy the conditions.

Our Best Selling Services:

  • Bed Bug Canine Inspections
  • Bed Bug Heat Treatments
  • Termite Borate Treatments
  • Spider Elimination
  • Lawn Pest Control
  • Bee Hive Removal

At the conclusion of the inspection, your expert pest control technician will provide a detailed report of any pests found, including a customized service program designed to address the issues found.

Pest Control Services

  • Bi-Monthly Service
  • Quarterly Service
  • Yearly Service
  • One-time Treatments

We service Naples, Pensacola, Tampa, Fort Myers, Marco Island, Cape Coral, Bradenton, Sarasota, Fort Lauderdale, Largo, Miami, Orlando and everywhere in between.

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At Bug Free Services we understand your needs and know that you want to rid your home of unhealthy and destructive pests while minimizing the chemicals used in your environment.

That’s why we’ve designed our pest prevention services with the most technologically advanced products and application methods available to us today.

Since no two homes are alike, your service is designed with your particular home and situation in mind. After a thorough inspection of the premises, we will apply the appropriate state of the art products in the places necessary to solve the issue at hand.

Our pledge to you is to make your home Bug Free! We are always available to come back between scheduled services and re-treat your home at no additional cost to you, in order to control covered pests in, and around your home. Your complete satisfaction is our only goal.

Learn about Bug Free’s innovative bed bug heat treatments…

Bug Free Services has been an established and reliable service provider for over a decade. Bugs don’t stand a chance when they encounter one of our very own expertly trained pest control technicians.

Florida tends to be a little on the wild side for out of state residents. With an abundance of wild life, we have to deal with aggressive roach infestations, bed bugs that fly in from all over the world, and spiders bigger than your head!

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How can a quarterly service help you?

Quarterly pest control services are designed to keep specific pests away from the lawn and shrubs around your home or business. This means you can expect an expert pest control technician to visit your home or office on a quarterly basis to spray your lawn and shrubs. As a preventative service, this works great to keep pests that might injury or kill your sod.

Shrubs are very delicate, along with proper irrigation (which we will ensure, also), these beautiful outside decorative plants can add tremendous value to the curb appeal of your property.

Bed Bug Pest Control

1Day-Bed-Bug-TreatmentFolks all over Florida have been under constant attack, bed bugs easily sneak themselves into luggage and clothing when visiting a hotel. What’s the only guaranteed treatment that uses no chemicals and can be done discreetly in one day? Bug Free Services has helped hundreds of residents with bed bug problems using an extremely effective and aggressive heat treatment. Compare bed bug treatments…

Using heat allows for a complete treatment in a single application, we slowly rise the heat of the interior of the affected structure to ensure every possible hiding spot is exposed to heat. It’s by far, the most effective treatment option for bed bug infestations in residential and commercial applications.

Hotel Room Bed Bugs

Hotel rooms are the most widespread bed bug carriers due to the high number of people that go through there on a monthly basis. A single room could see 30 or 40 different people from all over the world! How can you mitigate the risk of bed bugs in your hotel or motel? Using a Canine Bed bug inspector! This solution isn’t only for large residential buildings, but for commercial properties like hotels or motels. When you need to inspect a large number of rooms, read about our K9 bed bug inspections…